How Does Transcendental Meditation Work?

From the moment we wake up, to the moment we fall asleep, the mind is constantly active. Transcendental Meditation allows the conscious mind to experience quieter levels, and ultimately to transcend, or go beyond even the finest impulse of thought, and experience pure consciousness, the source of thought - the field of infinite creativity and intelligence. The mind is profoundly relaxed, yet wide-awake and by gaining this deep level of rest, both mind and body are refreshed and replenished.

Dillbeck MC,Orme-Johnson DW. Physiological differences between TM and rest.American Psychologist 1987 Sept;42:879-881

Experience profound relaxation

Research studies demonstrate that transcendental meditation produces a significant increase in basal skin resistance compared to eyes-closed rest, indicating profound relaxation. Deep rest and relaxation are also indicated by greater decreases in respiration rates and plasma lactate levels.

Að bæta heilsuna og hæfileikann til heilunar

Vísindamenn hafa dregið þá ályktun að Innhverf íhugun lífgi innri greind líkamans og styðji þannig innbyggðan hæfileika hans til að heila sjálfan sig. Innhverf íhugun getur stuðlað að afgerandi framförum á öllum sviðum lífsins: á sviði hugans, líkamans, hegðunar og samfélagsins.

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Fred Travis, PhD

Dr Fred Travis, Centre for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition, Iowa, USA

"Within two or three months of TM, we begin to see high levels of integration of frontal brain connectivity. Interestingly, that integration does not disappear after the practice —increasingly, that orderly brain functioning is brought into daily activity."

Coral, aged 17

"What I appreciate most when I meditate is the inner calm and deep rest. It makes my mind clearer - and my day so much smoother."